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Operations, Strategic Partnerships & Investor Relations

Home Base: San Francisco, CA

Languages: English, French, Spanish, Farsi, Japanese (elementary proficiency - but enough to be dangerous)

Favorite Country: Japan

Favorite Books: Cradle To Cradle (environmental chemistry), Zeckendorf (G*d of PERE), Homo Sapiens, Homo Deus, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century

Favorite Movie: Baraka

A bit about me: My partner and I live in San Francisco, CA. And when we aren't renovating or visiting Home Depot, we are dancing to house music somewhere special, hopefully. 

I have a passion for real estate after watching and helping my Dad build his own portfolio from washing and recycling screws to lifting entire buildings, my Dad is my real estate spine. 

My Mom is also highly adept in real estate and hasn't had to work much as a result of her smarts; her money really works for her. I was extremely lucky to have been my Mom's (very expensive) luggage handler and translator for 24 years. We've traveled and laughed extensively across 25+ countries, that is until I met and fell in love with my team/company at Urban Green, and now much like having a baby, I can't be away for too long. 

I'm driven, have a great memory (thanks to my Dad's years of training), am full of moxy, and grit, and am deeply passionate about international differences - I would have been driven to become a United Nations ambassador if I hadn't discovered Private Equity Real Estate and our firm or Vertical Farming. 

My life partner is a huge driving force for me - his love has been transformative in making my dreams come true. Without getting too gushy - I will just say that I'm very lucky and fall more in love every day.

I take on the investment gap every day - in my own way - which is far more important than the wage gap. I have trained interns and mentees and am driven by being the change that we all imagine (as my team has put their weight behind me), creating opportunities for others, and educating myself in ways that stimulate my mind and leave me thinking. I love finance, investment management, and generating income, and thanks to my firm feel like a Santa Clause for others - which is something we can all use in our lives.

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June 2024

June 2020 - Present


Dedicated to building diversified cash-flowing portfolios, creating lasting connections with capital and strategic partnerships between best-in-class financially aligned Sponsors and our exceptional, astute, and delightful investors.

June 2017-June 2020


Connected retail investors, Co-GP/Co-Sponsors, and institutional capital to creative and innovative real estate and private equity offerings that meet their risk/return profile and investment criteria. Providing institutional-grade investments to our agile and loyal investors.

June  2015-June 2017


Prepared and updated business plans, databases, models, and quarterly and annual reports. Detailed understanding of joint venture structures, financial models, multi-tier waterfalls and promote structures.

June  2015-February 2013


Honored to have been assistant to CEO and such a team's office manager. Completed ad-hoc projects to help the business in any way that I could. and worked into the night, gladly. I couldn't get enough of it. I fell in love with the team and work!

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Everything is created in language.
From AI to chairs to revolutions.

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The way you are in one relationship is the way you are in all relationships.

Check your integrity within each relationship; if anything is off, clean it up with others and within.

Then listen from nothing and be a clearing for workability.

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"Doing" something on the court or "being" in the stands - it's a simple choice.

The word "responsibility" is the combination of "response" and "ability".  Again, it's a choice away.

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Knowing makes no difference. 

Being makes all the difference. 

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Starting every day with a to-do list is a given. After taking a life-altering course, I tried on the concept that results stem from who we are being. The concept of doing something in order to be something (DO something in order to BE happy, for instance) is definitely a one way of getting results. Deciding to BE a certain way first regardless of the outcome changes everything. Try on being committed to being a certain way and see results - where anything is possible.


Game-changing tool for me was discovering David Allen's

Getting Things Done


It's been strangely liberating

and grounded in three steps: 

1) Collect

2) Actionable

3) Calendar

Try it!


Some of the best advice I've ever gotten is to have both Mentors & Sponsors.

Mentors (personal, spiritual, professional) are outside your firm and are authentically committed to your evolution. Period.

Sponsors, start with just one, have your back in your firm, a vested interest in you without you being in the room. 

Most important: pay it forward!

Stanford 1-Pager


Have you ever heard of

A Life Audit?

It's not a tax thing or tax-ing - it's when you sit down with your self and look at how you spend your valuable time. After you do it, you can then do anything or nothing with your time. But at least this way - you can assess, calibrate and get intentional about your time.

And always know - however you are, works. 


The wage gap is a given. 
The investment gap - the gap between those that have the disposable income, the knowledge, and the access to investments compared to those that don't - is even more powerful.
Consider the compounding effect of $100 taxed at 30% versus $0.70 compounding for 30 years at 3%.
The answer is a silent epidemic - tick tock, every day. Want to do something about it?


I often say, "thoughts are crazy things". Commonly said otherwise, "you are not your thoughts" - each of us is a miracle in the human form experiencing time.
Life takes time.
With that relationship to time, comes the ability to really choose to leave the past in the past. The choice to leave the past in the past, by getting complete around it, empowering yourself to process it, zip it up and leave it in the past, is the most effective way to free yourself.


There are a handful of formative books that compare. This autobiography is about the god-father of private equity real estate. As one of the slowest-changing and prominent institutions in the world,  private equity real estate changed everything.  The future of real estate will look very different from the past, and Zeckendorf will be proud of us for transforming it.


If we thought being distant from friends, family and even strangers during quarantine was hard, try being distant from food. After tracking the distance that the food on our plates travels you'll learn that a simple meal can look like a web of logistics and susceptible supply chains . Food sovereignty, the ability to feed ourselves, will be a term that we will learn, albeit too late. The solution is to grow food hyper-locally in vertical farms, efficiently using soils and water and in the process create a new real estate investment vehicle for neighborhoods to invest in, bountifully.


I know there is no scientific evidence, objectivity or merit to zodiac signs but why is it that some characteristics are so spot on?

That's not to say that every individual isn't an individual miracle like no other, but learning about these star signs makes me think that maybe the stars present at our birth do contribute to some of our magic! Surely there is some objective science that we can't quantify or understand yet contributing to all of this!

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